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Pippi Longstocking
Mon, 27. May 2024, 11:00

‘Ahoy and away!’ Pippi Longstocking is moving into the Villa Villekulla, where she wants to wait for her father, a captain who was lost during their last adventure together on the high seas. The next-door kids Annika and Tommy soon befriend this fearless girl who refuses to be pigeonholed.She doesn’t like school and refuses to be put into the children’s home. Even with her neighbour’s tea party, she can’t help but wreak havoc. Pippi has everything she needs in life: a near endless imagination and a clear determination to have fun with Annika and Tommy.

Franz WittenbrinkChildren’s opera in two acts [2022] Based on the books by Astrid LindgrenLibretto by Susanne Lütje and Anne X. WeberCommissioned by the Komische Oper Berlin

10 - 35 €