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Jazz & Lyrics
Tue, 05. Mar 2024, 20:00

A fusion of jazz and lyrics in the Tischlerei

Jazz & Lyrics
Jazz & Lyrics

The Berlin audience of Bar jeder Vernunft knows and loves songs like "Heidegger" and "Gott ist tot (God is dead)" and knows that philosophy can be rapped and sung. But there is much more to discover.


"Since jazz is one of the most fascinating languages, it makes sense to combine it with lyrics and poetry."

In its jazz series "Jazz & Lyrics", the BigBand of the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents six thematic jazz concerts in the Tischlerei with members of the BigBand and guests in smaller formations. The concerts are dedicated to a specific theme or composer and fuse music with poetry. Texts, biographical and poetry as well as background information on the respective theme make these concerts a special experience. The artistic programme is put together by Rüdiger Ruppert and Sebastian Krol.

Afterwards: Artists' Lounge