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La forza del destino
Sun, 08. Sept 2019, 19:00

Giuseppe Verdi (1813 – 1901)

Frank Castorf
Frank Castorf

Verdi himself classified his FORZA DEL DESTINO, which premiered in 1862, as the first "modern" opera that consisted of ideas instead of individual numbers. In fact the entire work draws its driving force from the polarity between two opposing worlds of feeling that possess the main characters to the point of obsession: on one side the alleged guilt for the death of Leonora's father, which hangs over her and her lover Alvaro. On the other side the lust for vengeance that drives Leonora's brother Carlo to chase them to the ends of the earth. An unconditional chase unfolds over three hours, leading the three lead characters through a world that is constantly derailing. In desolate crowd scenes we experience a disinhibited society in which pure survival matters above all else, and where violence has replaced any sense of morality. Even the church authority in whose arms Leonora and Alvaro seek refuge proves to be flawed and is the "Master of Fate", inferior to the power of evil.

The last staging of this work at the Deutsche Oper Berlin is legendary: Hans Neuenfels' radically updated version polarised audiences in 1982. Now another great German director is tackling the subject matter: Frank Castorf, who wrote a quarter-century of theatre history with his work at the Volksbühne and who has dedicated more of his time to musical theatre in recent years, such as with his RING DES NIBELUNGEN in Bayreuth, is now presenting his first directed opera in Berlin with LA FORZA DEL DESTINO.

Melodramma in 4 acts
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave
New text-version by Antonio Ghislanzoni
First performance on 10th [22nd] November, 1862 at St. Petersburg
Premiered at the Deutschen Oper Berlin on 8th September, 2019

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