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La Bohème
Sun, 22. Dec 2019, 18:00

Opera in four tableaus by Giacomo Puccini

Depending on how much work they have coming in, the penniless poet Rudolfo and his three skilled artist friends alternate between being strapped for cash and spending money like water. When their neighbour Mimì turns up at their garret one day, Rodolfo falls in love with the fragile young woman at first sight. But Mimì is sick with consumption. Rodolfo, who can’t even offer her a warm room, is overwhelmed by the situation ...

In a loose sequence of scenes, Puccini and his librettists not only tell the story of the couple’s tragic romance, but also portray Paris’s bohemian subculture of wild parties and loose living. Through a libretto based on everyday language and a score that paints a detailed picture of a particular milieu, they created a new form of verist melodrama . Puccini’s vivid, onomatopoeic music depicts the world the bohemians inhabit with the same realism and minute detail with which it captures their inner lives.

approx. 2:25 hrs including 1 interval