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Ball at the Savoy
Sat, 23. Apr 2022, 19:30

First performed in Berlin in 1932 (with the Metropol Theatre Orchestra), this masterpiece from the pen of Jewish-Hungarian composer Paul Abraham, a dazzling revue about love, sex and the paso doble, was revived in Behrenstraße 80 years after its premiere and has been one of the house's box-office hits ever since. A rousing mixture of Berlin jazz, Hungarian Csárdás, Viennese melodiousness and Yiddish klezmer, Ball im Savoy tells a crazy story about a newly married society couple whose fidelity is put to the test. A sparkling spectacle!

And in the middle of it all, three of the great operetta divas of our day: Dagmar Manzel, Katharine Mehrling and Helmut Baumann. "A furious dance on the volcano ... more than three hours of cabaret spectacle between ambiguity and winking." [dpa]

Paul AbrahamOperetta in two acts [1932]Text by Alfred Grünwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda

12 – 94 €