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Every Man Dies for Himself Alone
Fri, 11. Nov 2022, 20:00

Symphony concert with Dirk Kaftan and Katharina Marie Schubert

Works by Mauricio Kagel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Lehár und Pavel Haas

One of the darkest times in German history, described with by words of Hans Fallada, and the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Lehár and Pavel Haas. Spoken by actress Katharina Marie Schubert (e.g. Tatort, Ein Geschenk der G ötter ), excerpts from Hans Fallada's novel Jeder Stirbt f ü r Sich Allein [Every Man Dies for Himself Alone] intertwine with musical descriptions and commentaries, under the direction of conductor Dirk Kaftan.

Fallada’s novel is one of the most vivid descriptions of life in Berlin during the Nazi era. Based on the fictional resistance story of the Quangels, a couple who anonymously distributed postcards against the rulers, a panopticon of different fates and stories reveals itself. The concert concludes with the only symphony by the Jewish-Czech composer Pavel Haas. Written in 1940/41, shortly before his deportation to the concentration camp Theresienstadt, the work pours the turmoil and social division of those years into a musical form, full of schizophrenic colors.

12 – 54 €