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Landesjugendballett Berlin an der Staatlichen Ballettschule Berlin
Sat, 13. June 2020, 19:30

Zu Gast
"Tradition bewahren – Neues wagen"

It has been a tradition for decades that the students of the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin present the results of their training work in a festive gala held every year on the stages of Berlin’s opera houses. From the youngest to the graduates, the best of the school’s students are involved in a program that shows the multifaceted nature of professional dance education, while challenging the adolescent artists to present what they can do and show how they are enjoying themselves in their unique vocation. Under the artistic direction of Berlin Kammertänzer Prof. Gregor Seyffert, the young dancers prove that they are preserving a classical academic heritage while at the same time facing the challenges of contemporary choreography.