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Ebb and Flow
Fri, 09. Dec 2022, 20:00

Symphony concert with Nadja Zwiener and Elina Albach

Georg Philipp Telemann [1681–1767] Hamburger Ebb’ und Fluth 55:C3

Arangello Gorelli [1653–1713] Concerto grosso in g-Moll op. 6, Nr. 8 Fatto per la Notte di Natale

Georg Friedrich Händel [1658–1759] Concerto grosso op. 5, Nr. 4 Passacaglia

Johann Sebastian Bach [1685–1750] Orchestral Suite No. 3 D Major BWV 1068

The musicians Nadja Zwiener (violin) and Elina Albach (harpsichord)—celebrated in Early Music circles and among lovers of the original sound—dare to plunge into the floods of the baroque masters!

In Georg Philipp Telemann's Wa ter M usi c— also known under the title Hamburger Ebb' und Fluth — the Greek deities Thetis, Neptune and the Naiads come to life in dances such as the Sarabande and the Gigue, and spill out of the harbor basin directly into our concert hall. Like the movement of the tides, the orchestra continues to break up soloistically in the works of Handel and Corelli, spreading out across the room, only to return in full size to flood the hall anew with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3 , whose Air is probably one of the most famous pieces of Baroque music!

12 – 54 €