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Oper in Berlin

Oper in Berlin
Komische Oper Berlin
Komische Oper Festival / A Week of Opera Frenzy!

/ Once again this season at the Komische Oper Berlin concludes with a week-long festival. Review the new productions of the season once again on seven consecutive days. As usual, you can expect a programme of musical and culinary extras every evening,... more

Staatsballett Berlin
THE LAST PERFOMANCES / On the following dates you have the possibility to see Vladimir Malakhov as First Soloist of Staatballett Berlin once again: CARAVAGGIO 13.06.2014 TSCHAIKOWSKY 14.06.2014 more
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Giacomo Meyerbeer DINORAH OU LE PARDON DE PLOËRMEL / Most lovers of opera owe their knowledge of Giacomo Meyerbeer’s DINORAH to a single production of the work. It was Maria Callas’ delivery of the “Ombre légère” aria that was responsible for the eponymous heroine being viewed as a sister of those... more
Oper in Berlin
Repertoire / More opera than in any other city in the world / ... more
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