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Sat, 07. Dec 2024, 19:00

Georges Bizet

An opéra comique with a tragic ending that depicts the eternal game of passion and torturous jealousy, and whose fiery music continues to appeal to audiences worldwide – that is Bizet’s »Carmen«. Idiosyncratic, memorable characters suffer the ultimately fatal consequences of their alternating attraction and repulsion.

Georges Bizet, whose opera »Carmen« was premiered in Paris in spring 1875, may have predicted the success of his opera, but he did not live to enjoy it. On its 33rd performance, he died, aged only 38. Today »Carmen« is one of the most frequently performed pieces in the repertoire, and there is no foreseeable end to its enthusiastic reception. It features a number of songs that have become true hits, while its southern flair and vivid orchestral sounds create a sensual mood, only adding to its charm. The music is ingeniously composed, corresponding to the opera’s dramatic events, and yet is catchy enough to be popular in the good sense. Each of the characters has an individual musical profile: the figures on stage are true to life, and their parts almost realistic, which adds to the credibility of their operatic performance. Bizet’s »Carmen« is a masterpiece in the repertoire of opera.

approx. 3:20 hrs including one interval after act two