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The Ring of the Nibelung – Twilight of the Gods
Sun, 14. Nov 2021, 16:00

Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883)

Donald Runnicles, Stefan Herheim
Donald Runnicles, Stefan Herheim

The final part of the tetralogy sees another broadening of the horizon. Siegfried sallies forth »to new glories«, encountering people driven by a desire for power and riches and without scruple in their determination to acquire them. Without Brünnhilde on hand to help him, the hero succumbs to a conspiracy at the Gibichung hall, also triggering the beginning of the end of the old world, which is still beset by the curse placed by Alberich in THE RHINEGOLD on the ring, which confers great power on its wearer. With Brünnhilde realising what has happened, she sees self-sacrifice as the only path to redemption: by eradicating herself through immolation and returning the stolen gold to the Rhine, she will be clearing the way for a new beginning for all. From Brünnhilde’s ashes Wagner rekindles the love theme, which until then has only been played in Act 3 of THE VALKYRIE. This charges the final moments of TWILIGHT OF THE GODS with an atmosphere of hope rather than simply the gloom of destruction. The game can begin again; will it take a different course next time?

With its 13 soloist roles, TWILIGHT OF THE GODS is an acid test for any ensemble tackling Wagner. It is also an opportunity for the Deutsche Oper Berlin to demonstrate its calibre and its ongoing dedication to the Wagner catalogue. To that end celebrity soloists such as Nina Stemme, Simon O’Neill and Gideon Saks are joined by singers of the likes of Markus Brück as Alberich and Thomas Lehmann as Gunther, who, by virtue of their past appearances at the opera house in other roles, have already served notice of their familiarity with Wagner’s musical language.

The third dayA scenic festival in three days and an eveFirst performed on 17th August, 1876 in BayreuthPremiered at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on 17th October, 2021