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Starting Anew
Wed, 01. Jan 2025, 18:00

The melodies of Jewish Klezmer music are both lively and heart-rending, making a perfect start to the new year—of that, we can be certain. And Mahler too. Oh yes, Mahler is actually klezmer! After all, the musical language of this Bohemian-born Jewish composer is deeply rooted in the folk-music traditions of his homeland. The American Uri Caine and his klezmer band have long understood this, and—together with the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin under the baton of our Music Director James Gaffigan—they will make us inwardly weep while outwardly tapping our feet. Great emotions at the crossroads between musical worlds to mark the start of the new year. Just let yourself fall into the music, charging your batteries for the start of 2025—a year with bright prospects. Happy New Year!

12 - 76 €