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Everything is new
Sun, 30. June 2024, 13:30

Presentation of the children's club

Charlie Rackwitz und Madeleine  Kandschur für „Alles neu“
Charlie Rackwitz und Madeleine Kandschur für „Alles neu“

By kids for kids: "Everything is new" is an opera safari developed by our children's club, in which around 40 audience members go on a discovery tour through the theatre. The performances by our young performers start at the door, lead into the cloakroom and also take place in the auditorium.

The kids have developed a story - a spaceship has become stranded in the opera house: Aliens have taken up residence in all sorts of places. The aliens are portrayed by the children: For example, there is the "Schlafinaut", a tired astronaut figure. We have built musical instruments and written songs, such as the homesick song, which is sung in a fantasy language. All of the interventions are site-specific, so we also use the metal cloakroom tokens as instruments, for example.

The themes of "Everything is new" have a lot to do with children's everyday lives: it's about moving and moving around, about belonging, being a stranger, exclusion.

The children's club is supported by Arend and Brigitte Oetker

A musical station theatre through the Rangfoyer, the cloakroom hall, the parquet foyer and more

Meeting point: Box office hall, Bismarckstraße 35