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The Pearls of Cleopatra
Sat, 26. Apr 2025, 19:30

It’s show time in Berlin! ‘And of course, it’s a delight to see Manzel as a heartily in-your-face queen with at least three hearts beating in her chest: that of the power-hungry boss, that of the lovelorn woman, and that of her boozy-sounding cat Ingeborg.’ [DER TAGESSPIEGEL]

Queen Cleopatra’s entire domain is in disarray, with a palace revolt, a drought, a rebellion, and a shortage of men. In such a time of crisis, the only help is in Cleopatra’s pearls . . . of love. Full charge ahead on the audience’s funny bone! ‘The dance ensemble gives the show even more pizzazz by evoking the Roaring Twenties, thrilling the audience with Otto Pichler’s lively choreography.’ [BR KLASSIK]

Oscar StrausOperetta in two acts [1932]Libretto by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald

14 - 99 €