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Tue, 14. Jan 2025, 19:00

Event series discussing socio-political topics related to dance and ballet

With the new three-part discussion series Forum featuring Dr. Mariama Diagne, the Staatsballett Berlin continues the dialogue between theory and practice, which has opened up discussion spaces with formats like Ballet for Future . Guests and the audience are invited to engage with a central aspect of the performing arts on three evenings in the foyer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin: How are emotions portrayed in artistic works? Which elements in artistic body practices evoke emotions in what way? What influence do they have on dance as an art form? Forum discusses the ambivalences of the three concepts, «Beauty, Violence, Memory,» and their interconnection with the art of dance. These three concepts are not only central themes of tragedies and comedies that shape life and art. They are fundamental facets of human existence. Through them, not only cultural identity is articulated but also norms of societal forms of (co-)existence. What primarily connects beauty, violence, and memory is that they are highly charged with emotions. In the complex network, these three concepts influence human actions and create a fabric of memory images from shared experiences. The Forum for the 2023/24 season is held in cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center 1512 «Intervening Arts» at the Freien Universität Berlin under the concept and direction of Dr. Mariama Diagne.