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The timeless moment
Sun, 14. Jan 2024, 20:00

»The Timeless Moment« combines various works by Impressionist Claude Debussy and »Territoires de l’ouubli« for solo piano by Tristan Murail (the leading exponent of spectral music) to create an intoxicating blurring of sensory order. In several instances, Debussy borrowed the term »image« from the fine arts as a title for a series of works. On the threshold of modernity, he opened up new worlds of sound and expression for the piano.

Murail, one of the most important representatives of spectral music, is a composer interested in the listening experience as a starting point for composition and the exploration of the sound spectrum in all its facets. With »Territoires de l’ouubli«, he created a distinctive work in which resonance, overtones and timbres unfold in constantly evolving textures. The dialogue between the two composers explores the question of what we perceive when we listen. The audience dives into the world of darkness and experiences the music with all their senses. Sounds become visual landscapes that move in inner worlds beyond the prejudices of seeing.