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Half Life
Fri, 08. Sept 2023, 19:30

Choreographies by Alexander Ekman and Sharon Eyal


Piece by Alexander Ekman

Alexander Ekman is known for his fast-paced timing, witty humour and clever staging. Since 2006, he has devoted his time to creating choreographies all across the globe. Having been fascinated by the creations of hair artist Charlie Le Mindu, especially his Chewbacca costumes which completely wrap their wearers in long hair, Alexander Ekman worked with him for the first time in LIB. The piece (referring to ‹liberation›) would not be a work by Alexander Ekman, if it would not have a humorous note, the balleri¬na’s virtuosity meets bizarre obstacles. 


Dance piece by Sharon Eyal and Gai BeharMusic by Ori Lichtik

Sharon Eyal’s choreographies can be described as vibrant experiments on the border between precision and supposed excess, which seem to strike a chord with audience and dancers alike. The uncompromising Israeli choreographer has long since developed a very personal, unmistakable artistic signa¬ture and has taken the European dance stages by storm. Her piece Half Life, in the repertoire of the Staatsballett Berlin since 2018, discovers the field of tension between man and machine, collective and individual, techno and contemporary ballet. The hypnotic effect of this work is connected to the music created by Ori Lichtik during the choreographic process.

120 minutes incl. 1 break