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The Little Witch
Sun, 05. Jan 2025, 16:00

The Pippi Longstocking team is tackling yet another classic children’s book: The Little Witch , which has been a favourite in Germany for generations. The titular character’s aspirations to become a good witch are captured by composer Franz Wittenbrink in melodies that are both stirring and moving, involving market hubbub, a choir of forest animals, and naturally Walpurgis Night! Featuring the children’s choir of the Komische Oper Berlin.The Little Witch is not really little, but certainly young! At just 127 years old, she’s far too young to go flying around the Blocksberg with all the great witches on Walpurgis Night. But that’s the biggest event on the witches’ calendar! Although the raven Abraxas has warned her, she simply can’t help herself and sneaks into the witches’ frolic. If only it weren’t for the nasty Weather-Witch Rumpumpel, who begrudges the Little Witch every tiny thing and snitches on her to the Head Witch. The latter takes away the Little Witch’s broomstick as punishment, but also tells her that if she becomes ‘good’ by next year, she can come along on Walpurgis Night. Together with the children Vroni and Thomas—and of course the raven Abraxas as well—the Little Witch does everything she can to become a good witch. But what exactly is a ‘good witch’ anyway?

Even sixty-five years after its first publication, Otfried Preussler’s The Little Witch still enchants children both big and small. With this stage production, Martina Gredler is making her directorial debut at the Komische Oper Berlin.

The setting in which this fairy tale unfolds is designed by Alfred Peter, who also created the poetic scenery for Nils Holgersson’s Wondrous Adventures . Providing just the right witching attire is Dinah Ehm, who also did the costuming for Barrie Kosky’s ethereal Pelléas et Mélisande .

GOOD TO KNOWWalpurgis Night is celebrated every year on the night of 30 April to 1 May. So go grab a broom and join the witches’ dance!

Franz WittenbrinkFranz WittenbrinkChildren’s opera in two acts [2024]Based on the children’s book by Otfried PreusslerLibretto by Anne X. Weber and Susanne Lütje

10 - 37 €