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Springtime Emotions
Fri, 02. May 2025, 19:30

In the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, there is a bittersweet note that people have been struggling to describe for centuries. Is it a sense of joy in the depths? Or is it a melancholy in the sweetness? Composed at the same time as The Marriage of Figaro , Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 22 is a work that carries precisely that character, and which the Norwegian pianist Christian Ihle Hadland takes on with verve: rousing and dance-like, without a single humdrum moment. With just as much lightness as Mozart, we also have Elena Kats-Chernin’s Dance of the Paper Umbrellas to start the programme. And with Franz Schubert’s Fourth Symphony, its ‘Tragic’ sobriquet belies the dramatic, stirring journey that awaits the audience. This is preceded by Grażyna Bacewicz’s rapidfire Overture for Orchestra. It’s a real roller coaster of springtime emotions!

10 - 37 €