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El hombre de la esquina rosada
Sun, 18. Apr 2021, 19:30

Suite for twelve instruments
Narration and vocals

Although the father of Tango Nuevo and the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges mutually admired and followed each other’s work, there was only a single collaboration between the two idiosyncratic artists in the form of a jointly produced record from 1965 with compositions from Piazzolla and texts from Borges. The record also contains the music for El hombre de la esquina rosada, which was created in New York in March 1960 at the suggestion of the choreographer Ana Itelman. Borges’ short story of the same name conjures the world of the gauchos, in which those Argentine cowboys express their passions in tango and answer insults with knives.

Astor Piazzolla / Jorge Luis Borges

12 – 54 €