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Ekman | Eyal | Gat
Mon, 09. Dec 2019, 19:30

Choreographies by Alexander Ekman, Sharon Eyal and Emanuel Gat


Dance Work by Sharon Eyal
Music by Ori Lichtik

Sharon Eyal’s choreographies can also be described as vibrant experiments on the border between precision and supposed excess. Her works seem to strike a nerve with audiences and dancers. The uncompromising Israeli choreographer has long since found a very personal, unmistakable artistic signature. Not only was she recently commissioned by Dior to contribute to one of the recent fashion shows, but is increasingly conquering European dance stages. In her first new creation in Berlin, she will now explore the emotional authenticity with the dancers of Staatsballett Berlin necessary for the interpretation of her pieces.

Choreography: Sharon Eyal
Co-Creation: Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik
Stage Design: Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar
Costumes: Rebecca Hytting
Light Design: Alon Cohen


Dance work by Emanuel Gat
Music by Awir Leon

For several years, Emanuel Gat has been one of the leading personalities in the field of contemporary dance, presenting his work Sunny for the first time at Dance Biennale Venice in 2016. The Israel-born and France-based choreographer often accesses his works through music, in this case in collaboration with Awir Leon. The musician and producer, hailing from the Israeli techno scene, created an acoustic space in a free-flowing form, oscillating between new and familiar sounds, difficult experiment and sheer pleasure, exploring new fields for the perception of movement, involving interpreters and spectators alike. His own company, Emanuel Gat Dance, has been frequently invited to Berlin, winning over audiences and critics alike. Now, for the first time, the choreographer will work together with Staatsballett Berlin on the recreation of Sunny, not without extensively developing the vibrant experiment of structure and emotion anew.

Choreography: Emanuel Gat
Music: Awir Leon
Costumes: Thomas Bradley
Light Design: Emanuel Gat


Choreography by Alexander Ekman

Alexander Ekman is known for his fast-paced timing, witty humor and clever staging. He aims at creating works which the majority can connect to, exploring topics everybody can relate to, which both entertain and question the audience. Since 2006, he has devoted his time to creating choreographies all across the globe. For the Staatsballett Berlin, he will work on a new creation.

Choreography: Alexander Ekman