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Thu, 02. Feb 2023, 19:30

Lyrical tale in three acts (1901)

Rusalka, the daughter of a powerful water sprite, has fallen madly in love with a human prince. Though warned against it, she prepares to leave her life behind and become human in the name of love. The mermaid is ready to make any sacrifice, but the prince, human and weak, cannot withstand this love. Ultimately, the price Rusalka has to pay for her love is high, and bitter.

Barrie Kosky's darkly romantic production of the Czech fairy tale conjures up images as sensual as they are powerful in a chamber drama, that, following the melancholy poetry of Dvořák's music, irresistibly captivates the audience. “Moments of almost surreal beauty, the events remain - as fairy tales are - as poetic as they are enigmatic.” [Deutschlandfunk]

Antonín DvořákLyrical Fairy Tale in Three Acts [1901] Libretto by Jaroslav KvapilGerman Text Version by Bettina Bartz and Werner Hintze

12 – 74 €