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Opera & Dinner
Sat, 04. Apr 2020, 17:00

Oper & Dinner
Oper & Dinner
Oper & Dinner
Oper & Dinner

The dinner is from two hours before the performance!
The entrance takes place over the Bühnenpforte, Behrenstr. 55-57 (the alley between The Westin Grand Hotel Berlin and the main entrance of the Komische Oper Berlin). Enjoyment with all the senses. Working in partnership with konzeptbar GmbH, Komische Oper Berlin offers a gastronomic opera experience to savour with select performances: you can savour a superb three course menu on a beautifully laid table in the opera canteen before the curtain goes up!

Culinary pleasure is too often hard to find at the opera and you end up trying to snatch a glass of champagne during a short break amid the hustle and bustle. With our excellent service you can simply sit back and relax …

Tickets for the opera and dinner package are available from EUR 68 in the I to IV price groups. Owing to limited capacity it is necessary to book at least seven days before the desired date by calling +49 (0) 30 47 99 74 00 or at the Deutsche Oper box office at Unter den Linden 41.
We hope you will understand that for technical reasons the opera and dinner arrangement cannot be booked online unfortunately. Share it! Facebook Twitter Wh a t's o n ? Zeig' mir mehr! weniger So 20.10. The Bassarids Mo 21.10. Die Perlen der Cleopatra Fr 25.10. Guided Tour in English Fr 25.10. Plateau Effect Sa 26.10. Führung Sa 26.10. Oper & Dinner Sa 26.10. West Side Story So 20.10. 18:00 The Bassarids Mo 21.10. 19:30 Die Perlen der Cleopatra Fr 25.10. 16:00 Guided Tour in English Fr 25.10. 19:30 Plateau Effect Sa 26.10. 16:00 Führung Sa 26.10. 17:00 Oper & Dinner Sa 26.10. 19:30 West Side Story Sa 26.10. 22:45 Nachtkonzert 1
Elena Kats-Chernin – ein Saxofon-Porträt So 27.10. 11:00 Kinderkonzert 2: Gut, besser, Bass! So 27.10. 18:00 Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will! Mo 28.10. 11:00 West Side Story Do 31.10. 20:30 Sehnsucht
Liederabend mit Dagmar Manzel Fr 01.11. 19:30 Candide Sa 02.11. 19:00 The Bassarids