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La traviata
Sun, 01. Dec 2019, 18:00

Giuseppe Verdi

Melodramma in three acts [1853]

A world-wide success – Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece from 1853 asks the big questions of modern life concerning freedom and love in the face of hypocritical morality and the brevity of human existence. His triumphal march across the stages of the world continues to this day, making La traviatta a true classic. Under Ainārs Rubiķis‘ musical direction, Komische Oper ensemble member Nadja Mchantaf reels as Violetta Valéry through heart rending states that swing between scandalousness and the joys of love.
She’s worshipped and hotly desired – just don’t get too close! Violetta Valéry, high society courtesan, stands at the center of Parisian nightlife, but is herself a complete outsider. At a party in her salon, Alfredo falls in love with this woman who proclaims she’ll never love. Her father forbids the relationship. Out of longing, jealousy and rage Violetta and Alfredo battle with love … and death.
Based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel Camille the librettist Francesco Maria Piave and Giuseppe Verdi created a masterpiece for the stage. With this production, director Nicola Raab will be making her debut at the Komische Oper. She is particularly interested in the present relevance of this story concerning the will to freedom and self-determination. To what lengths will an independent woman go who is determined to retain control over her life until the end? Melodramma in three acts [1853]
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on the novel La Dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas Jr.

Melodramma in three acts [1853]