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Sleeping Beauty
Fri, 27. Mar 2020, 19:30

Choreography by Marcia Haydée after Marius Petipa
Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Sleeping Beauty is undoubtedly one of the most famous classical ballets. Based on the compellingly beautiful score by Peter I. Tchaikovsky, it has a firm place in the ballet repertoire. Marcia Haydée, former ballerina of the Stuttgart Ballet, muse of John Cranko and a legend herself, recreates this key work of ballet history as a choreographer. She develops her own version with Staatsballett Berlin following the fairy tale of Charles Perrault.
In the ballet libretto the fairies are in the center of the action: The magical classical variations at the little princess Aurora's cradle are danced blessings with the successively appearing fairies of beauty, wisdom, grace, eloquence and strength. The evil fairy Carabosse, who inadvertently wasn't invited to the baptism of little Aurora, curses the princess and predicts her death on her 16th birthday. The bad spell can luckily be averted by the benevolent Lilac Fairy blessings. However, the girl falls into a sleep for hundred years, and only the kiss of a prince can release the spell.
The contrast between good and evil, archaically inscribed in the fairy tale, is also the focus of Marcia Haydée's version. The Carabosse personifies the dark side of life, already performed by a male dancer at the premiere by none other than famous Enrico Cecchetti. Marcia Haydée is especially interested in deeper facets of this character and draws a psychological portrait of evil, convinced that no one is exclusively evil.
With great attention to detail, Jordi Roig designs entirely new costumes and sets partly using historical handcrafted methods of stage painting to unfold the opulence and unique magic of this fairy tale to unravel its enchanting choreographic poetry.

Choreography and Staging: Marcia Haydée nach Marius Petipa
Music: Peter I. Tschaikowsky
Stage and Costume Design: Jordi Roig
Musical Direction: Alondra de la Parra
Performed by: Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

175 minutes incl. 1 break