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The Magic Melodica
Thu, 11. Nov 2021, 11:00

Pamina is sick of cleaning up after Tamino's dragons; The Queen of the Night has a beard; The universally unpopular melodica serves as the magical instrument, and the no less unpopular Monostatos turns out to be the real hero.—With wit, humour and a hint of fun, renowned Finnish jazz pianist Iiro Rantala and Finnish bestselling author Minna Lindgren have written a sequel to The Magic Flute . No previous knowledge of the original is necessary! Sarastro is suffering from dementia, so a new king must be chosen. Or a queen! Prince Tamino is the only one who believes he will automatically become king—although he would much rather play with the dragons he has tamed. Three candidates run for election: Prince Tamino, Princess Pamina and the self-doubting, universally reviled Monostatos, the Queen of the Night’s servant. This time, there are three tests to pass—Three tests that are uncoincidentally »typically Finnish« with their settings of sauna, frozen lake and anthill. The three candidates are guided by three gnomes, and cheered on by Papageno, Papagena and their numerous children. And in the end, those who wrote off the old Sarastro so soon have another thing coming…

A mixture of Mozartian lightness, Rossinian effervescence, and jazz, characterised by the catchy melodic lines typical of Iiro Rantala, the result is a carefully crafted opera which ingeniously plays with the traditions of the genre, while never failing to surprise.

Iiro RantalaChildren's Opera in Two PartsLibretto by Minna LindgrenGerman Translation by Ulrich Lenz

Commissioned by the Komische Oper Berlin