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Thu, 22. Oct 2020, 19:30

Choreographies from Isolation

The Staatsballett Berlin's first new post-lockdown stage production will be created by choreographers from the ensemble: during times of self-isolation, dancers from the Staatsballett Berlin created choreographies for themselves and/or co-dancers residing in the same household. Under the title »LAB_WORKS COVID_19«, these creations will be performed live on stage at the earliest possible performance date with regulations suggested by the Robert-Koch-Institut not only applying in the auditorium but on stage as well. All nine world premieres, spanning from solos to pas de deux to a creation with six dancers whose physical distance is integral to the choreography, feature a wide spectrum of dance languages.
Capturing the creation process on film, from initial brainstorm at home to rehearsals in the studio and on stage, is part of the concept to unveil the dance profession's emotional challenges during this pandemic to the audience.

Choreography: Dana Pajarillaga and Lukas Malkowski
Lights: Chris Malkowski
Music: based on Frank Ocean (“Siegfried”)
Dana Pajarillaga, Lukas Malkowski
We move in isolation
Slow, soft, support
Holding space
submerged crashes
Porous relations
Deep connections
Soaking in our solitude
You exchange I
of emotions, of breath, of flesh
Of solidarity, of loneliness
Deep below the surface
We are here.
The team wishes to thank Antonio Ruz for his artistic advice as well as Love-in, Sasha Waltz and the Radialsystem.

Concept, Staging: Tara Samaya, Pippa Samaya
Choreography: Tara Samaya in co-operation with the dancers
Music: B.E.N. (“When you hold your breath, you lose it“), Claude Van Stroke („Slink“)
Video: Pippa Samaya
Jenna Fakhoury, Paul Vickers
»Goodness pushes up through the chaos of our internal world, and we feel lit from within by a light we had no idea was there.« (Sarah Blondin)
The team wishes to thank Paul White for his artistic advice.

Choreography, Text and Sound: Ross Martinson
Ross Martinson
»They sat inside the sanatorium, this fish tank for dogs, on their four feet since around 900 years as they caught it on a piece of paper.
Why are they sitting in this way? Is it because they have T.V. Tooth?«

LOve distaNT
Choreography: Vivian Assal Koohnavard
Music: Ali Reza Ostovar (“Lalai”, feat. Hani Mojtahedy, excerpt)
Vivian Assal Koohnavard, Marco Arena
How can we love with distance?
The time of lockdown, of being separated has shown the importance of love. Physical love.
To feel, to touch and sense someone. To look into someone’s eye or to react to someone’s smile.
This time has shown how essential it is for us humans, to love and to be loved.
This is a time where we are more aware of our emotions. Time has stopped and you are feeling.
Feeling that something is wrong. How wrong it is to be apart, separated and restricted.
You think it is only a child that needs the love, comfort and warmth of another human being, but it is also us adults. We are just too busy to realize it. That we can not survive without love.
The woman, Hani Mojtahedy, singing in the music I have chosen, by Alireza Ostovar, is singing a lullaby in Persian.
Sometimes we need to listen to a lullaby too, even if we are getting older, to feel calm, safe and loved.
So do not forget to love (with distance) and take care!
The choreographer wishes to thank Filipa Cavaco (Video) as well as Alizée Sicre and Alexei Orlenco.

Choreography: Olaf Kollmannsperger
Lights and projection: Tom Visser
Music: Radiohead (reworked)
Dana Pajarillaga, Weronika Frodyma
 »A timeline rewinded from a futuristic point of view of the biggest challenge the society has been facing.
Living Dead. Mutation. Animal Behaviour. Sickness. Infection. Paranoia. Quarantine. Confusion. Old Normality.«

Control SHIFT
Concept: Alexander Abdukarimov, Aubert Vanderlinden
Staging: Alexander Abdukarimov
Audiovisual design: Stanislav Glazov
Eloïse Sacilotto, Nikolay Korypaev
»Das Stück CONTROL SHIFT ist ein interaktives Stück, bei dem die Tänzer mittels einer Signalquelle die Impulse geben, durch welche die Muster für die Musik und die Visualisierung des Lichts erzeugt werden. Die Tänzer kontrollieren auf diese Weise die Bühne.«
All technology was provided by MICTIC, supported by Red Bull.

Choreography: Andreas Heise
Music: Franz Schubert
Costume: Sascha Thomsen
Yolanda Correa
»Schuberts Lied ›Du bist die Ruh‘‹ ließ mich an ein Gebet denken. Auf der Suche nach innerer Ruhe, oder vielleicht auch einer gewissen Ordnung und Disziplin, müssen Gefühle und Erinnerungen überwunden werden. In einer Einsamkeit, welche aber nicht Isolation bedeutet, findet sich die Kraft weiterzugehen und neues zu schöpfen.«

Choreography: Arshak Ghalumyan
Music: Ezio Bosso
Video: Alexander Abdukarimov
Sarah-Jane Brodbeck, Vahe Martirosyan, Arshak Ghalumyan
»Wir alle erleben momentan Corona. Dieses Stück erzählt, wie wir uns persönlich sowie als Freunde und Paar während der Zeit des ›Lockdowns‹ gefühlt haben. Die Hochs und Tiefs, Freude und Leid. Gemeinsam bewegen wir uns durch diese Krise, versuchen das Beste aus der Situation zu machen und schauen nach vorne ….«

Choreography: Johnny McMillan
Artistic advice: Nicola Mascia
Music: Johnny McMillan, Pink Floyd (auszugsweise)
Lights: Johnny McMillan
Jenna Fakhoury, Ross Martinson, Johnny McMillan, Dany Pajarillaga, Tara Samaya, Harumi Terayama, Lucio Vidal
»In PARLIAMENT we aim to recondition the individual experience through purposefully developing the collective consciousness. Developing it inside of the larger frame of chaos, understood as a plethora of order, forms and wills. This attempt to take hold is managed by creating a guide for the collective to follow, through waves, vocalised mantras, hyperventilation, dizziness and repetition. Submitting by choice to the conditions, the collective and ourselves, inherently producing individuality. A kind of overriding of our ingrained control over the thinking and observing brain to enhance a third; the sensational.«
The choreographer wishes to thank Lukas Malkowski for his dramaturgical contribution.

With choreographies by
Alexander Abdukarimov
Andreas Heise
Arshak Ghalumyan
Dana Pajarillaga
Johnny McMillan
Olaf Kollmannsperger
Ross Martinson
Tara Samaya
Vivian Assal Koohnavard
Arshak Ghalumyan
Dana Pajarillaga
Eloise Sacilotto
Harumi Terayama
Jenna Fakhoury
Johnny McMillan
Lucio Vidal
Lukas Malkowski
Marco Arena
Nikolay Korypaev
Paul Vickers
Ross Martinson
Sarah-Jane Brodbeck
Tara Samaya
Vahe Martirosyan
Vivian Assal Koohnavard
Weronika Frodyma
Yolanda Correa

105 minutes without a break