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Sat, 08. Feb 2020, 19:30

Opéra in three acts by Luigi Cherubini

She is one of the most impressive and strangely fascinating figures in Greek mythology. Medea, gifted with magical powers, who has moved from the fringes of the world to the centre of civilization, turns into an avenging angel. She is driven by the anger and betrayal which she suffered at the hands of Jason, whom she helped win the most precious treasure of the Golden Fleece, and subsequently married, but who then thanklessly deserts her. In Corinth, where Jason intends to marry the daughter of Creon, tragic events unfold. The stricken Medea inflicts her misery on the others, not even recoiling from infanticide.

In the 5th century BC, the Attic poet Euripides put this ancient myth into words and created a drama for the stage. Luigi Cherubini’s opera, premiered in Paris in 1797, draws on this play and opens up new perspectives in this classical material by means of a dramatically accentuated, enormously powerful musical language. Rarely has the figure of the Medea received such succinctness and urgency as here.

ca. 2:40 h, including one interval