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A Participatory Project
Sat, 13. Feb 2021, 20:00

The new participatory project (14+)

Common Sound
Common Sound

Since 2012, participatory projects have played an important role in the Tischlerei, and in the last five years increasingly in the transcultural sector. Escaped and Berlin youths develop plays together and in the end stand on stage as a unit. GILGAMESH MUST DIE! with the Swiss pop formation "The Bianca Story" was followed by GIVE-A-WAY in cooperation with the Kreuzberg Hector-Peterson-School. In NEULAND, fled and Berlin youths founded a new state in the Tischlerei, in WAS ICH SCHON IMMER SAGEN WOLLTE they dealt with rituals. For DER SCHREIEN DES PFAUEN IN DER NACHT the questions of origin and homeland were in the foreground. A jam and concert night COMMON SOUND was developed by the young people with Berlin musicians from the independent scene. A major participatory production is again on the programme for 2021.