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The Little I-Am-Me
Sun, 22. Nov 2020, 11:00

In cooperation with »Das Weite Theater« for Puppets and People, Berlin (Weiten Theater für Puppen und Menschen)

»Through a colorful meadow of flowers a colorful animal takes a stroll. Strolling along, it wonders to itself: is it really true that I’m nothing at all?« In Elisabeth Naske’s musical adaptation of the famous children’s book by Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel, the little I-Am-Me sets off on a journey in pursuit of its own identity. Its poignant and tumultuous search is supported by five musicians. Clarinets, accordion and cello play parrot, hippo, dog, fish, horse ... and of course the little I-Am-Me, turning the story into an imaginative musical adventure.

Musical theater for children 4 to 10 years of age, based on the book of the same name by Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel

9 €