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Us & Now – A performance by the Youth Club
Sun, 27. June 2021, 20:00

For all between 14 and 18 years

Jugendclub: Storyline
Jugendclub: Storyline

Who do you belong to, who is close to you? Who is your WE, right now in this moment? Who was it yesterday, who should it remain in the future?

We are always part of groups: school classes, clubs, families, neighbourhoods, circles of friends, states. But not every one of these groups is a WE. In the real WE, everyone has to be part of it so that it becomes a whole, no one is interchangeable.

In the two clubs, we want to work on what makes this WE. We will explore the magic of the special moment that happens when we share it with just the right others. We & Now. We improvise with music and theatre, invent texts and scenes, collect ideas and build a joint musical theatre production out of all this, which will be performed in the Tischlerei.

Whether we can rehearse for real in the opera from the beginning or first in another form, we will still see. In any case, the following always applies: Your health is important to us, so all rehearsals will take place according to the current hygiene rules for pandemic control.