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IGOR II – France
Thu, 05. Nov 2020, 20:00

L’Histoire du soldat, Dumbarton Oaks and Octet

There’s hardly a composer who can match the range and stylistic diversity of Igor Stravinsky. Born near St. Petersburg, occasionally living in Paris, and dying in New York, Stravinsky composed symphonies, operas, and ballet music, as well as large-scale vocal works, chamber music and piano miniatures. In three one-and-a-half hour concerts led by General Music Director Ainars Rubikis, musicians of the orchestra will present the entire spectrum of Stravinsky’s chamber music with its diverse, at times highly unusual instrumentations, ranging from works composed in Russia and Paris that integrate elements of Russian folk music, to pieces from Stravinsky’s neoclassical period and late serial compositions. For the concert series, basic geographical facts pertaining to Stravinsky’s biography are used as landmarks to map his musical diversity and highlight, in juxtaposition with musical works from his colleagues in other counties, Stravinsky’s gift for absorbing disparate influences and fusing them into an unmistakable style. Ура Игорю!

12 – 54 €