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Guided tour special for blind and partially sighted people
Sat, 19. June 2021, 14:00

Experience and feel the stage and costumes ... Walk through the extensive foyer of the Komische Oper Berlin and sit down on one of the velvet seats in our history-steeped, ornately stuccoed auditorium. Find out fascinating information about the history of the opera house and the organisation of an opera performance: who is involved and how many people are required to stage a flawless show? Step onto the stage and gain an impression of its size and features. To round off this experience we have prepared costumes from an actual performance that you can touch in the women's costume store.

This is an inclusive tour - sighted people are very welcome too! Please notice that guided tours are only available in german language! Further informations and group bookings:
Telefon: 030 202 60 223
Mail:  fuehrungen@komische-oper-berlin.de Share now Facebook Twitter D a t e s Zeig' mir mehr! weniger Do 22.10. LAB_WORKS COVID_19 Fr 23.10. Die Zauberflöte Sa 24.10. Die Zauberflöte So 25.10. Lonely House Fr 30.10. Pierrot Lunaire Sa 31.10. Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein So 01.11. Die Zauberflöte Do 22.10. 19:30 LAB_WORKS COVID_19 Fr 23.10. 19:30 Die Zauberflöte Sa 24.10. 19:00 Die Zauberflöte So 25.10. 19:30 Lonely House Fr 30.10. 19:30 Pierrot Lunaire Sa 31.10. 19:00 Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein So 01.11. 18:00 Die Zauberflöte Do 05.11. 20:00 IGOR II – Frankreich Fr 06.11. 19:30 Pierrot Lunaire Sa 07.11. 19:00 Die Zauberflöte So 08.11. 11:00 IGOR II – Frankreich So 08.11. 18:00 Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein Mo 09.11. 19:30 Bilder von Natur Fr 13.11. 19:30 Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will!

9 €