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Wed, 18. Dec 2019, 20:00

Dance piece by Emanuel Gat
Music by Awir Leon

For several years, Emanuel Gat has been one of the leading personalities in the field of contemporary dance. The Israel-born and France-based choreographer often accesses his works through music, in this case in collaboration with Awir Leon. The musician and producer, hailing from the techno scene, created an acoustic space in a free-flowing form, oscillating between new and familiar sounds, difficult experiment and sheer pleasure, exploring new fields for the perception of movement, involving interpreters and spectators alike. His own company, Emanuel Gat Dance, has been frequently invited to Berlin, winning over audiences and critics alike. Now, for the first time, the choreographer will work together with Staatsballett Berlin on the recreation of Sunny, not without extensively developing the vibrant experiment of structure and emotion anew. Staatsballett Berlin will perform the piece in the Volksbühne Berlin.
»Sunny« is a Staatsballett Berlin production in cooperation with Volksbühne Berlin
Tickets for Sunny are available via the adjacent link and the Volksbühne ticket service (contact below).

TICKET SERVICE VOLKSBÜHNE (for all performances of Sunny only)
Mon-Sat 11am-6pm

One hour prior to start of performance
Tel +49 (0)30 240 65 777

Choreography: Emanuel Gat
Music: Awir Leon
Costumes: Thomas Bradley
Light Design: Emanuel Gat

60 minutes without a break