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Jazz & Lyrics
Thu, 29. Dec 2022, 20:00

A fusion of jazz and lyrics in the Tischlerei

Jazz & Lyrics
Jazz & Lyrics

The seasons have always been a popular theme with great poets and also with great jazz musicians. In order not to lose sight of the importance of our "four companions" in times of climate change, or better not to lose our ears, the musicians around Falk Breitkreuz draw acoustic portraits from spring to winter.

“Since jazz is one of the most intriguing languages out there, it’s natural to want to combine it with texts and poetry.”

In its new series of jazz events in the Tischlerei the Big Band of the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents five themed concerts featuring smaller formations of the Big Band and guests. The concerts focus on a particular subject or composer, amalgamating music and poetry. Texts, biographical information, poetry and background information on the evening’s unifying theme combine to produce a unique experience for the audience.

Afterwards: Artists' Lounge