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Don Giovanni
Sun, 17. Apr 2022, 19:00

Director Herbert Fritsch becomes a deserter, abandoning the norm with his reading of Don Giovanni »for virtuosically arranged nonsense« that »gives the audience freedom of thought.« [FAZ] Honing in on Don Juan’s archetypal core, Fritsch brings him to life as a malicious harlequin – a shameless loser, at once side-splittingly funny and irresistible, framed by the tender, playful and dark edges of Mozart’s music. An »intelligent, fascinating presentation, miles away from all platitudes.« [klassik.com] No other work by Mozart demonstrates in such consistent fashion his unbridled attack on every convention - not only in terms of content, but also with regard to form. New characters tumble on-stage with such abandon that nothing links them aside from the constantly fleeing protagonist. The first act has a finale with murder in the air and right until the bitter and absurd end the action proceeds at a rapid pace, in a topsy-turvy fashion. But everything is bathed in celestially beautiful tones. In his version of Don Giovanni director Herbert Fritsch homes in on the archetypal core of Don Juan and brings him to life as a malicious harlequin – a loser, audacious, at once side-splittingly funny and irresistible, enveloped in the lascivious and playful, deep black apex of the music of Mozart. #KOBGiovanni

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDramma giocoso in two acts [1787]Libretto by Lorenzo Da PonteGerman Translation Sabrina Zwach

12 – 94 €