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A woman who knows what she wants!
Sun, 31. Jan 2021, 19:00

Dagmar Manzel and Max Hopp. She plays: Manon Cavallini, the opera diva, Raoul Severac, her suitor, as well as the father of her daughter Lucy. He plays: this very same daughter, all five of Cavallini’s lovers, and on top of that, Lucy’s gallant. In further roles – Dagmar Manzel and Max Hopp! Twenty characters, two performers. A breathless tour de force with an orchestra, conducted by Adam Benzwi, that serves up a firework display of fastpaced marches, tempestuous waltzes and incomparable chansons composed by Oscar Straus. »After just 90 minutes, one feels totally drunk on so much energy, intellect and wit.« [BERLINER MORGENPOST] »Dazzling. Overwhelming. Astonishing.« [DIE WELT]

Oscar Straus
Musical comedy in two acts [1932]

12 – 54 €