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Messa da Requiem (konzertant)
Sat, 28. Nov 2020, 19:30

Giuseppe Verdi (1813 – 1901)

Attilio Glaser
Attilio Glaser
Günther Groissböck
Günther Groissböck

Giuseppe Verdi once defined Death as “Life´s most catastrophic occurrence”. As is also the case with Verdi´s operas, the individual and his or her inner reality serve as the focal point in MESSA DA REQUIEM. His mass for the dead is not meant for the interior of a church, it is meant for the world beyond. Verdi finds a human response to the Latin liturgy. He makes use of the dramatic musical intensity that we know from his operas to evoke terrifying images of Death, the end of Time, and Damnation by means of a gigantic tableau of intense emotions: Fear, Anger, Pain and the desire for Redemption. Verdi touches the secrets of our existence. His music lets us realize that there is no certainty of consolation, no other source of hope than ourselves.

Wherein lies particular and abiding fascination of this composition? Perhaps it is Verdi the dramatist who recognizes the hidden scenic character of these texts and approaches the most profound secret of human existence, which is Death. The proportion allotted to the Dies irae, the prayer for the Dead, the Libera me demonstrates which parts of the Requiem Mass Verdi was most concerned with. At its centre there is the terror of death, a terror for the living that does not promise a vision of a benign God.

First performance on 22nd May, 1874 at Milan

aged 14 and over

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