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Advent calendar in the foyer
Tue, 21. Dec 2021, 17:00

Chamber music, recitations, talks

Adventskalender 2021
Adventskalender 2021

Curt A. Roesler, long-time dramaturge of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, will talk about the artistic issues of the Deutsche Oper Berlin in the changes of the last six decades, a good part of which he experienced himself at the house. The musical accompaniment will be chamber music by Dmitri Shostakovich.


Our Advent calendar is already a tradition. From Monday to Friday, between 1 and 23 December, there is singing, music and also talking about art and music in the Rang-Foyer or on Götz-Friedrich-Platz. The concerts begin at 5 p.m. and admission is free.

Experience members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin ensembles - singers and scholarship holders, chorus soloists and musicians - together with guests who, like Reinhard Naumann, have close ties to the house. The foyers of the Deutsche Oper Berlin thus become places where younger and older generations, opera lovers and opera newcomers meet.

At the weekends and on Christmas Eve, online prize draws are held on the homepage of our website.